Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgeries are performed to transform large and flabby breasts into normal and tight breasts. During this breast reduction, usually, also the areola is reduced.

Sometimes large breasts carry physical and psychological discomfort like sagging in the shoulders, back pain, itching and rash under the breasts due to sweating. It, therefore, restricts the exercise of physical activities.

Our experienced surgeons in Turkey can achieve a breast size in proportion with your body and alleviate discomfort. For this reason, breast reduction operations are esthetically pleasing and functional because they provide the patient with a particular physical relaxation.

Sometimes, young girls can suffer virgin hypertrophy (in which the breasts can be very large) so they will undergo a breast reduction even at a young age (16-17 years).

The incisions made during breast reduction surgery can cause scarring. These scars are reddish in the first few months but will soften, become lighter in colour and less visible.

In Turkey, we offer excellent surgery, good care and a luxurious stay.

On request, we are happy to list the prices of this cosmetic treatment in Turkey, including stay and travel from the Netherlands. 

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Are you considering a breast reduction surgery? We are happy to assist you by providing helpful information, and on request, we will list the prices of this cosmetic treatment in Turkey, our care for you, your luxury stay and your journey to Turkey.


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