Esthers story

In 2019 I had my first cosmetic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. Stomach-reduction surgery. The surgeon at the clinic in Turkey recommended, and performed, a Gastric Sleeve. The surgeon removed a large part of the stomach and stitched the remaining part of the stomach. 
At the time, I weighed 93 kilos and was 1.62 meters tall. Always defying obesity and constantly feeling out of shape.

Stay and operation
I arrived at a very luxurious clinic in Istanbul. A private room with shower, toilet and all other facilities as you would see in a five-star hotel. And hygienically perfect.
The nurses were very professional, spoke English excellently, and above all, were caring and sweet.
The operation - which took 45 minutes - went as planned, and I woke up in my room. The pain was intense but expected. In advance, I was well informed. The recovery went so well that I was allowed to leave the clinic after two nights.
My recovery then went so smoothly that we went on a city trip on the third day to discover Istanbul, what a beautiful city!

I lost 30 kilo's body weight in one year. In that year, I was well supervised from Turkey, and there has been regular contact with the clinic and the surgeon. The lines were short, and for me, that was important.

Because of this positive experience, I decided to choose Turkey again in 2020 for cosmetic surgery. This time for a tummy tuck, liposuction 360 degrees, breast lift and breast augmentation.

Stay and operation
On arrival, all was arranged perfectly down to the last detail. I was impressed by the beautiful, luxurious clinic and professional guidance. This operation lasted six hours. Again, the operation went as planned, and this time, too, my recovery in the clinic went according to the book.

The result was – and still is – breathtaking. Over 4 kilos of body fat and 600 grams of skin tissue have been removed. I now have breasts in the shape and size I have always wanted. The recovery went well because I always listened carefully to the clinic and followed their advice closely.

How happy this makes me feel
My whole life having to diet and exercise, without much result - always that yo-yo effect... and now; I have the body that suits me and in which I finally feel good. I should have done this years ago!

Now I am proud of my body. Bproud!



Are you considering cosmetic surgery?
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