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The growing range of cosmetic surgery can make it difficult to find the right match. It's all about your body, your beauty. You're looking for a team that will make you their priority and will stand beside you every step of the way; a team that will care for you and guide you through the choices that will be the best for you.

At the same time, cosmetic surgeons in the Netherlands are not nearly as experienced as cosmetic surgeons abroad. So where should you go if you want a beautiful and natural result?

BPROUD-Esthetics– esthetic surgery travel to Turkey

Esther de Graaf & Fatih Halici

We believe that there is only one destination for the very best treatments: Turkey. The standard of service and level of professionalism there is of the highest due to decades of experience. But isn't it a hassle to have your treatment performed abroad? Not if you leave it to us. All you have to do is enjoy the experience and we will take care of the rest: from a comfortable trip and a luxurious stay to the very best treatments. 

The cooperation between the managers — Esther is Dutch and Fatih is Turkish — ensures that we can offer the very best experience without language barriers or other inconveniences. Esther is an expert in the field of treatments in Turkey. Her personal experiences have inspired her to make high-quality plastic surgery accessible to a wider audience. Fatih is an experienced consultant and he specializes in international contracts around the clinics. Also, he is a true expert on Turkey. Fatih gives all-encompassing specialist advice to clients, both on the procedures performed by the clinics and on the situation in Turkey before your departure.

We know the market inside-out, and we know exactly how to make the Bproud experience unforgettable. 



Do you wish to have a medic or cosmetic surgery performed, and are you considering which financing method would be most pleasant for you? At Bproud Esthetics we offer you the option to pay in instalments for the treatments.

For payment in terms we work together with our partner:

Cosmetic Finance.


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