BBL - Brazillian Buttock Lift

Brazilian Buttock Lift

Prominent and rounded buttocks
Many women desire a look with more prominent and rounded buttocks. Meanwhile, the trends have shifted to a rounder body contour as a symbol of femininity, sensuality and sexual attraction.

Brazilian Butt Lift involves a surgical procedure in which the body's own fat is extracted from other parts of the body such as the abdomen, back or legs and is injected to enlarge and round the buttocks. 

If you have low body fat or choose not to use your own body fat for this procedure, our experienced surgeons in Turkey will place silicone buttock implants in the buttocks. These implants will retain their shape while the body's own fat will decrease in volume over time. You can have a BBL performed to give yourself a more feminine appearance and to improve your contours.

In Turkey, we offer excellent surgery, good care and a luxurious stay.

On request, we are happy to list the prices of this cosmetic treatment in Turkey, including stay and travel from the Netherlands. 

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Are you considering a Brazillian buttock lift surgery? We are happy to assist you by providing helpful information, and on request, we will list the prices of this cosmetic treatment in Turkey, our care for you, your luxury stay and your journey to Turkey.


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