Breast lift

Breasts can be reshaped with a breast lift and even given more volume with breast prostheses.
Due to weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding, breast tissue can lose its old shape, and the nipples sink to a lower point.
In our clinique in Turkey, we reshape the breasts. If the areola is too wide, it can also be reduced during this operation.

At Bproud Esthetics, we listen carefully to your wishes as we strive to achieve the most natural result possible.
In advance, we will fairly indicate whether your wishes are realistic, examining the current situation, skin quality, and any possible previous corrections.

As a result of the incisions during breast lift operations, an anchor-shaped scar will form. These scars, which shouldn't be visible in a bikini top or bra, are reddish in the first few months but will soften, lighten and become less visible. Good aftercare with daily massages with scar cream will contribute enormously to the most beautiful result.

In Turkey, we offer excellent surgery, good care and a luxurious stay.

On request, we are happy to list the prices of this cosmetic treatment in Turkey, including stay and travel from the Netherlands. 

Mail your questions to:

"My recovery went so well that I was allowed to leave the clinic after two nights."


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Are you considering a breast lift surgery? We are happy to assist you by providing helpful information, and on request, we will list the prices of this cosmetic treatment in Turkey, our care for you, your luxury stay and your journey to Turkey.


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